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The credit impaired specialists - because everyone deserves a New Start
Newstart Auto Loans has been in operation since 2007. We are best known for our unique “merit-based” lending approach where each application is assessed on the applicant’s merits and not against strict, inflexible lending policies. You can be assured that the final decision on an application will be made by a credit analyst, not a computer. This allows us to approve loans others will not consider while still following all legislative guidelines required for our Australian Credit Licence.
We are not required to meet targets each month and will consider all applications and hear all genuine reasons from applicants about their current credit rating status. Whether that is:
  • Self-employed with clean credit rating but limited financials
  • having an impaired credit file due to:
  • a company downfall
  • accident or injury
  • marriage separation
  • simply having been late on accounts due to a “rough patch”.
Unlike our competitors, an application will not be referred amongst numerous staffers in different departments. A dedicated credit specialist can start and finish an application in the one seat.
All Newstart Auto Loans management and staff provide an unrivalled service for those who have credit impairments. Our staff take great pride in providing a client with an opportunity to make their way back into the credit game. Without a Newstart Auto Loans product many clients would simply not be able to obtain a loan.
Newstart Auto Loans is an Australian owned and operated family company serving the entire east coast of Australia.

Impaired Credit Specialists
We understand past circumstances need not affect the present

We are a loyal and friendly team dedicated to delivering excellent customer service.
Collectively, we have over 44 years’ experience within the finance and auto industry
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